Another Case of Self-radicalised Individual in Singapore

Just when Singaporeans appear to have forgotten about terrorism and ISIS, we get hit by another potential case. In 2017, Singapore saw many cases of radicalised individuals. Most notable cases were the first female, a 22-year-old Singaporean childcare teacher, and a Singaporean successfully joining ISIS as a fighter.

Source: Straits Times

Now, various news media have reported an incident of a self-radicalised Malaysian arrested in Singapore.

Details of the Malaysian:

Muhammad Nur Hanief Abdul Jalil is a 33-year-old driver working for a local airfreight company. While there is no evidence that he has tried to influence others or plan any attacks in Singapore, the fact remains that he is radicalised and poses a security threat.

Furthermore, he also has access to the restricted Changi Airfreight Centre, which provides services to Changi Airport. There is a potential for leakage of critical information to unwanted parties.

How He was Radicalised:

He was influenced by the online teachings of extremist Muslim preachers. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Hanief has been viewing materials from extremists like Imran Hosein, Zakir Naik and Anjem Choudary and influenced by Ismail Menk and Haslin Baharim. The latter two were recently prevented from entering Singapore.

He is also influenced by his situations. Having been “suffering setbacks” in his work and personal life, he decided to act on his plans to travel to Syria or Palestine.

What’s Next:

Hanief has since been detained and deported back to Malaysia.

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