Sharks kept in Tanjong Pagar dental clinic moved to new home

3 weeks ago, news that 3 juvenile black-tip reef sharks were being kept in a small dental clinic aquarium at Tanjong Pagar sparked outrage from local netizens and animal activists alike.

Many called for the animals to be moved into a larger facility. Click here for the article.

Many were concerned that the constricting environment the sharks were kept in will inhibit their growth. These sharks usually grow to about 1.6 to 2.9 meters in the wild.

Current developments

Today (Feb 2) morning, staff from fish farm, OnHand Aquarium were sighted at the clinic, prepare for the smooth transition of the sharks into their new home.

They would be moved to an open sea pen in the fish farm, which allows for more room to grow.

Debate on keeping exotic pets

While it is not illegal to keep sharks, one should take note that some of these animals grow to large sizes in the wild, and limiting their environment will restrict their growth. Therefore it is inhumane to keep such pets if one is unable to provide it with the appropriate habitat.

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