What to Shout during Lo Hei

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Lo Hei is a mandatory practice for every Chinese family during Chinese New Year. Once a practice full of customs and meaning, it has since become an activity for fun and laughter.

However, if you would like to revive the Lo Hei custom or just curious what each ingredient means, SingaporeGo is the right place for you. We have arranged a list of ingredients usually added and their meaning, in the order they are added to the plate. There is also a phrase to say when adding each ingredient.

The Meaning of Each Ingredient:

Meaning: “Abundance throughout the year

    1. Raw Fish, 生鱼 (Sheng Yu)
      Shout: 年年有余 (Nian Nian You Yu)
      Meaning: Yearly abundance
    2. Pomelo, 柚子 (You Zi)
      Shout: 大吉大利 (Da Ji Da Li)
      Meaning: Good luck and smooth sailing
    3. Pepper, 胡椒粉 (Hu Jiao Fen)
      Shout: 招财进宝 (Zhao Cai Jin Bao)
      Meaning: Attract wealth and treasures
    4. Carrot, 红萝卜 (Hong Luo Bo)
      Shout: 鸿运当头 (Hong Yun Dang Tou)
      Meaning: Imminent good luck
    5. Green Radish, 青萝卜 (Qing Luo Bo)
      Shout: 青春常驻 (Qing Chun Chang Zhu)
      Meaning: Eternal youth
    6. White Radish, 白萝卜 (Bai Luo Bo)
      Shout: 步步高升 (Bu Bu Gao Sheng)
      Meaning: Reaching higher levels with each step
    7. Peanuts Crumbs, 花生粉 (Hua Sheng Fen)
      Shout: 金玉满堂 (Jin Yu Man Tang)
      Meaning: Household filled with gold and silver
    8. Sesame seeds, 芝麻 (Zhi Ma)
      Shout: 生意兴隆 (Sheng Yi Xing Long)
      Meaning: A prosperous business
    9. Golden crackers, 薄脆饼干 (Bo Cui Bing Gan)
      Shout: 满地黄金 (Man Di Huang Jin)
      Meaning: A house full of gold
    10. Plum sauce, 酸梅酱(Suan Mei Jiang)
      Shout 甜甜蜜蜜 (Tian Tian Mi Mi)
      Meaning: Sweet and loving relationships
    11. Oil, 油 (You)
      Shout: 一本万利 (Yi Ben Wan Li) and 财源广进 (Cai Yuan Guang Jin)
      Meaning: 10,000 fold of profit from one investment and numerous sources of income

Words to Shout during the tossing of Lo Hei:

    • 身体健康 (Shen Ti Jian Kang)
      Meaning: May your body be healthy
    • 学业进步 (Xue Ye Jin Bu)
      Meaning: Improvement for both academics and health
    • 事事顺心 (Shi Shi Shun Xin) or 心想事成 (Xin Xiang Shi Cheng)
      Meaning: May all things go as you wish
    • 代代平安 (Dai Dai Ping An)
      Meaning: Peace and safety for generation after generation
      *Note*: Some people may choose to say this should they add scallops into the mix. Scallops, or 带子(dai zi), has the same sound in the phrase.
    • 喜气洋洋 (Xi Qi Yang Yang)
      Meaning: Bursting with happiness and joy
    • 子孙满堂 (Zi Sun Man Tang)
      Meaning: Wishing one a long and plentiful family tree
    • 寿比南山,福如东海 (Shou Bi Nan Shan, Fu Ru Dong Hai)
      Meaning: Live as long as the Northern Mountain, enjoy luck as plentiful as the Eastern Sea
    • 长命百岁 (Chang Ming Bai Sui)
      Meaning: Long life, hundreds of years of age
    • 青春美丽 (Qing Chun Mei Li)
      Meaning: Youthful and beautiful
    • 马到成功 (Ma Dao Cheng Gong)
      Meaning: Immediate success
      *Note*: You may not want to use this phrase this year since it is the dog year and not the horse year
      Honestly, I don’t know what is the horse suppose to mean here…
    • 天天开心 (Tian Tian Kai Xin)
      Meaning: Be happy every day
      *Note*: Use this at your own risk…you will be treated like an illiterate among those using the earlier phrases. No offence to anyone…

Anyone with more good Chinese sayings for Lo Hei can simply head to our Facebook post to share it with others! Click here to go to the Facebook post. We will love to hear more!

If you are just a shy person, you can simply mumble “Huat Ah” during the tossing. It roughly translates to “success” and will most likely be shouted throughout the tossing by people who don’t know any Chinese idioms to say.

Source: Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

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