Singapore the Best Place to live in the world? Expats here think so.

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Singapore is the best place to live in the world – at least, that’s what expats here have to say.

For the third year running, Singapore has been ranked overall 1st as the best country for expats to live in, according to HSBC’s annual expat survey.

The survey took down the responses of 27,000 expats in 159 countries, and evaluated each country based on three main criteria: Economics, Experience and Family.


HSBC 2017 Expat Survey

HSBC 2017 Expat Survey. Source

Singapore beat out countries such as Norway and New Zealand to emerge as overall first.

Expats in Singapore cited Singapore’s safety, clean environment, and – believe it or not – public transport system, as major factors influencing their decision to rate Singapore highly.

Singapore’s relatively low income taxes and good business environment were also plus factors for our expats here.

Statistics of Expats in Singapore. Source

The top 3 reasons expats gave for immigrating to Singapore was: to improve their earnings, quality of life and job prospects.

Expats in Singapore also earned a monthly median income of S$13,034 in 2017, well above Singaporeans monthly median income of S$4,056, according to Singstat.

HSBC also covered statistics of Singaporean expats -that is, Singaporeans who have emigrated abroad to live in another country.

Around 70% of Singaporean expats felt that their work-life balance overseas is better than it was locally. This is well above the average of 53% globally.

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