Singapore is Boring? Survey may have proven it true…

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A survey was conducted by British travel magazine, Time Out, to find out the charateristics of 32 cities studied. With 15,000 people participating in the survey, Singapore was ranked as the 31st most exciting country in the world.

Source: Yahoo News Singaproe file photo

This may come as a surprise to many Singaporeans given how many interesting events have occurred in the past weeks.

SCDF saves armed suicidal woman in Yishun

Honestly though, those events were quite interesting and unique given our geographical position and culture…well I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion….

Take a look at their findings from the survery

Singaporeans can still take comfort in certain aspects of the survey which gave our city a good review.

The city-state of Singapore was the worst rated city we surveyed for culture, and the worst for drinking apart from Dubai. But it scored well for safety and public transport, and it has a much buzzier restaurant scene than other cities towards the bottom of the ranking.

Time Out

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