Singapore continues Smart City initiative with Smart Shower

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Singapore aims to be a Smart Nation, where operations are powered by technology and the citizens can go cashless. We have even been testing a Smart Bus Stop prototype at Plaza Sing…

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And now, Singapore has taken it further with the smart shower devices. In a news release on 17th March, PUB stated that the units at West Rock@Bukit Batok will be the first batch to be fitted with smart shower device later this year.

How does the Smart Shower devices work?

The residents will receive real-time information on their water usage during showers. There will be a numerical display to signal when the users are consuming too much water.

Smart Shower device

Source: Channel NewsAsia

Residents can set goals to conserve water through a mobile application. They will also get to monitor their water usage history, allowing them to find the black sheep for their high water bills.

What’s Next?

PUB aims to install the smart shower devices in about 10,000 new BTO homes by the end of next year, 2019.


Source: Channel NewsAsia

This is part of PUB’s initiative to encourage Singaporeans to save water.

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