Singapore to get Air-Conditioned Bus Stop?

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Waiting for the bus is no foreign concept to most Singaporeans. During a hot day, one will be sweating under the office wear and cursing for the bus to come sooner. However, all that is set to change with the Smart Bus Stop Initiative; Introducing, an air-conditioned bus stop.

the system

Source: Straits Times

A trial bus stop, built by ST Engineering, could be found alongside an existing bus stop outside Plaza Singapura. This will allow bus commuters to enjoy a cooler and more comfortable wait.


Air-conditioned bus stop

Source: Straits Times


The smart bus stop is actually not an air-conditioned bus stop. Instead, it delivers air which is cooled by the evaporation of cold water. This translate to cost saving as the system costs around 60¢/h to run, while an air-conditioned one costs >$2/h.

Air cooling system

Source: The New Paper


This system raises a few questions

  1. Will the system automatically shut down, when the surrounding temperature is low, to save energy?

  2. Will there be cleaners to clean the filters regularly to ensure that the system is not dirty?

  3. How will this project be funded? Through government budget or increase in bus fare???

GST will be up by 2%, to 9% starting 2021

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