Singapore Primary Schools to Adopt Applied Learning Programmes

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Singapore has seen huge changes to the education style for all levels, from primary to tertiary education. The society is slowly moving away from a facts-and-information heavy curriculum to an application-based curriculum.

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Source: Teck Ghee Primary School

“All primary schools to set up Applied Learning Programmes by 2023”

Minister for Education, Ng Chee Meng

Since 2017, more than 80 primary schools have already adopted the Applied Learning Programmes (ALPs) and Minister for Education hopes the numbers will go up higher to 100% by 2023.

“It is a diverse, colourful and exciting landscape, catering to a wide range of interests: STEM, languages, humanities, business, entrepreneurship, aesthetics, inter-disciplinary fields”

The ALPs are courses developed by schools to help students bring their learning to the real world and be able to apply it to their everyday life.

“All the ALPs, importantly, encourage exploration, ideation and creativity. There are no tests or exams. I have emphasised this to MOE. Students learn through experimentation – they try, fail, try, learn from it and try again.”

Source: Straits Times

Mr Ng has also promised that a large sum of the budget will be allocated to the development of the new Science Centre. This will aid the effectiveness of ALPs in bringing information from the classroom out to the real world.

This is indeed an exciting programme as students confined to learning information through force-feeding by a teacher will less likely be able to innovate new solutions. What the world needs is not a generation able to regurgitate information when needed but a generation that is able to utilise the knowledge they have to create solutions.

The future is certainly bright for Singapore.

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