Singapore is the Smartest City in the world: Study

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Singapore is the smartest city in the world right now, according to the Global Smart City ranking by Juniper Research, released on Monday (12 March).

According to the index, which evaluated smart city initiatives in four areas: mobility, health,  safety, and productivity, Singapore ranked first in all four categories, beating cities such as Seoul, London, San Francisco and New York.

Juniper smart city global city performance

Global Smart City ranking, 2017. Source: Juniper Research

The term “Smart City” indicates the extent of usage of Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, such as connected sensors, metres, and lights to collect and analyse data to improve public infrastructure and services.

Overall, the report stated that Singapore was ranked highly because of its unique “Smart Nation” initiative outlined by its government, as well as its position as a city-state that made implementation of smart city initiatives a lot quicker.

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Internet of Things. Source


In terms of mobility, Singapore’s connected traffic solutions combined with its multi-pronged policies helped improve the country’s traffic system.

The study noted that gridlock causes drivers to lose up to 70 hours per year, as such an integrated IoT-enabled infrastructure can save drivers 60 hours per year.

We should credit some Singaporeans for the achievement in this area, too.

Singaporean Quek Yang Boon made waves earlier this year when he retired as an Apple engineer to work on Singapore’s SmartNation project designing intelligent street lights.


In the area of healthcare, the study stated that Singapore’s use of digital service platforms and remote monitoring devices helped improve the efficiency of care services for senior citizens.

Additionally, the study found that connected digital health services can save citizens almost 10 hours a year, besides potential lifesaving benefits for both patients and caregivers.

Initiatives such as the 10,000 steps a day challenge also creatively integrated technology with spreading awareness of the importance of an active lifestyle in staying healthy.

Image result for sg steps challenge

National Steps Challenge. Source: HPB

“Singapore was lauded for its rapid transformation since independence into the world’s leading smart city and was held up as an example which other cities can learn from,” Intel said in a media release on Tuesday (13 March).

With Singapore focused on its “Smart Nation” project, we can expect to see further improvements as Singapore continues its developments as a Smart City.

While not all developments are going to be popular with Singaporeans, such as going cashless in MRT stations, they might nonetheless be increasingly necessary in the long run.

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