Singaporean KOPITIAM found in Japan?

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Japan has always been acclaimed as a heavyweight in the culinary world. With more Michelin stars than any other country, it is clearly the nation of refined tastes.

Therefore color me surprised when a Singaporean style Kopitiam was found in Sapporo Japan. And it seems to be very popular with the locals!

Old School Cool

Not only does it exist in Japan, it has decor to portray hawker culture in all its former glory.


Complete with a retro KOPITIAM sign and those red plastic stools, it definitely will incites a sense of nostalgia in Singaporeans!

Even the English translation is straight out of 1960s Singapore. Hit me up with some of that ‘chiken porrige’ too!

It even has the catchy ‘It’s Tiger Time’ ads from that old beer commercial!

How’s the food though

Singaporean style cuisine in foreign countries are known to be a disgrace. But definitely not here.

This little eatery dishes out authentic Singaporean cuisine that will confirm plus chop whet your appetite.

Chicken rice 

Bak Kuh Teh

Imagine having a steaming hot bowl of this during winter in Sapporo…

Representing the Malay community…

Mee Rubus

Mee Goreng

Its even served in those multi-colored plastic plates! The owner has really put in much thought into making this as Singaporean as possible

Maybe Japan is in love with Singaporean culture?

Where is it!

Although it is 7 hours and a thousand dollars away, be sure to visit the next time you are in Sapporo!

Address: Chuo Ward, South 3 West 7, Tanukikoji Arcade, Sapporo Japan

If you have to ask the locals, here’s the local address:

Japan, 〒060-0063 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, Minami 3 Jonishi, 7 Chome−5, (狸小路7丁目)

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