Singaporean professional gamers win $141,000 after being crowned Asian CHAMPIONS!

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Gaming organisation Team Flash’s FIFA team has been crowned champions in the prestigious EA Champions Cup, beating out traditional powerhouses South Korea, China, and Thailand clinching $141,000 cash.

The team representing Singapore comprises of Singaporeans Amraan Gani “Amraan” Musa Bakar (23), Joseph “Zarate” Yeo (24) and China’s FIFA eSports player of the year, Si Jun “WeyuwenC” Li (26). The Chinese player is here due to new rules this season allowed one foreign player on each team.

Professional gaming is more lucrative than it appears in Singapore, as shown by the successes of Yeo and Amraan. Apparently, these boys are paid salaries and enjoy HR benefits like working in any other industry, with a small exception-the chance to greatly supplement their income with massive prize money.

“We also make sure our players are insured before they travel, and are looking to up the ante of benefits in the long-term. They are also granted at least 7 days of annual leave a year, usually with 1 off-day a week where they are allowed to visit friends and family,” Terence Ting, founder of Team Flash.

Pretty good eh? With eSports in 2017 hit US$655 million (S$858.6 million) and a rapidly-growing crowd of 500,000 gamers in Singapore, being employed as a professional gamer might not be so alienating in the future!

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