Singaporean repeatedly called PRC man a dog

A video uploaded on social media has started spreading around and it does not reflect well on Singaporeans.

If you don’t feel like watching the video…

Here is a quick summary:

Both the Singaporean man and the PRC man got on the MRT. The PRC managed to get to the seat first and this infuriated the Singaporean man.

He started insulting the PRC by calling him a dog and being low class. He kept emphasizing that he belongs to the upper class and that the PRC man should not touch him.

Fortunately, a brave man decided to stand between them, thus ensuring that a fight did not start. The Singaporean man did not give up and kept insulting the PRC, constantly looking for a fight. He then went to press the emergency button, hoping to get the “police” on his side.

The situation only “ended” after the SMRT staffs came to invite the pair to step out of the train, hoping to allow other passengers to continue their journey. Throughout the whole incident, the Singaporean man did not stop insulting the PRC.

In the second video, the Singaporean man even demanded that the PRC kneel down to apologise to him.


Honestly, I am ashamed to be living in the same country as that Singaporean man…and in what way does his shouting and behaviour justify that he is from the “upper class”? Furthermore, what rights does he have to be calling others a dog?

However, it is heartening to see a man bravely step in to stop a potential fight. Other commuters merely distant themselves and watch on. Even the man videoing was only daring enough to voice his opinions from afar.

Undoubtedly, there are some who fear being involved in the fight should they choose to step out. But watching the older man prevent the fight without endangering himself, one would realise that the method of stepping in is also crucial.


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