Singaporeans actively help Foreign Worker who lost wallet!

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Foreign workers in Singapore sacrifice a lot to work here: they leave their families behind, pay shady agents thousands of dollars to secure transportation and a work permit here, and toil for hours under the hot sun for a pittance.

Which is why, losing their wallet could be a catastrophe.

That was what exactly happened to foreign worker Elangovan Kavitha, on 11 March. He lost his wallet, which apart from his money, held his work permit card, bank card, company punch card, as well as dormitory punch card.

Thankfully, on someone’s advice, he published a handwritten note under a photocopy , pleading whoever who saw his wallet to contact him, and published it on Facebook on 14 March.

Kavitha’s handwritten note. Source: Facebook

His handwritten note contains a few spelling and grammar errors, but his message is definitely clear enough.

He writes that he lost his wallet on 11 March, on a bus going from Boon Lay to South Tuas.

He states that his work permit card, bank card, company punch card, as well as dormitory punch card were all inside his wallet – which, we speculate, caused him quite a lot of difficulty already, which might explain why it took three days between losing the wallet and uploading the note on Facebook.

He also requests anyone who has seen his card to contact him at 82332895, and that he would come himself to collect it himself.

Quite unlike this man who lost his iPhone…

Singaporeans who saw the message were quick to respond, sharing the Facebook post online.

At the time of writing, the handwritten note has been shared over 13,000 times in less than 48 hours!

It is definitely heartening to see Singaporeans being willing to perform a small act to help foreign workers in our midst.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it is not known yet whether the man has recovered his wallet or not.

Losing his work permit could prevent him from working and earning an income, hence, if anyone happens to have any information on the wallet, please reach out to the man as well!

Alternatively, you could also share the original Facebook post, which can be found here.

Amid all the accusations of Singaporeans being racist, or xenophobic, at least now we have some evidence that at least not all of us are like that!

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