Singaporeans had 9.9 Million overseas trips in 2017, here are their TOP Concerns!

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Do you know that Singaporeans are among the most well-travelled in the world? We have close to 9.9 million overseas trips reported in 2017. While travelling continues to be a fast-growing sector across Asia Pacific countries, how do you go about planning for your trip? Check out the travel trends and concerns of Singaporeans when it comes to preparing for a trip.

Travel Trends of Singaporeans

Singaporeans’ unwavering zest for travelling is also probably due to the increased connectivity, emerging destinations, and the rise in interest for cruises.

Results from the Asia Pacific Travel Dashboard shows that Singaporeans:

  • Prefer shorter travels- Out of the top 10 destinations searched by Singaporeans, nine are located in Asia as they provide affordable and accessible getaways instead of taking long-haul flights. Bangkok currently holds the honour as the most searched-for destination for Singaporeans. Following Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Batam, London, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul.

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  • Need a break, not a holiday – While travelling overseas could be one of our options, we don’t have the money or enough days of annual leave to make the trip happen. This is where the concept of staycations start to arise. 
  • The New In Thing- Staycation – Unsurprisingly, staycations are particularly popular in years with many long weekends. However, compared to overseas vacations which require more deliberate planning, decisions to book a local hotel are usually made in the spur of the moment, as people only tend to look for staycation options on Monday immediately before the long weekend. But staycations may be pricey in Singapore; there are cheaper options for a no-flight getaway over the weeks for people like you.

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  • Book your trip online- Busy working in the day and not want to plan for your trip? Don’t travel miles or wait until opening hours to get a travel consultant to craft your itinerary. With Weekend Go Where, all could be done with merely a few clicks! 

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Travel Concerns of Singaporeans

According to a study done by the Changi Airport Group of Singaporeans’ travel habits, Singaporeans ranked good food (61%) as the hallmark of an ideal vacation destination, followed by the number of shopping malls and historical relics.

Also, Singaporeans’ top travel concerns include jet lag, inability to fall asleep in the hotel, being easily tired out, language, internet access.


But fret not! When you are out of Singapore, you’ll get to see new places, meet new faces and bring home new experiences. It may as smooth sailing as you expect it to be, but you can always lower the probability of something cropping out. Step out of your comfort zone and take the first step out.

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