Singapore’s latest vigilante – The Parkour Aunties

Older people are often associated with being slow, a poor sense of balance and rigid movements. However, 2 S’porean aunties decide to go against the social stigma and took up parkour.

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Err…no, they don’t exactly do those. While the two aunties do not do stuff like flips from high grounds or long distance jumping, they do engage in acts such as twisting through railings, balancing off edges and rolling on the ground.
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Madam Kim Chai, aged 58, and Ms Ann Tham aged 64, are the two aunties we are talking about. In the above photo, behind the aunties, is Mr Tan Shie Boon, their coach, and also the son of Madam Chai.
It all started when Ms Tham spotted Mr Tan at a food center and wondered why would Mr Tan “eat so much” when he was so skinny. She then approached Mr Tan and was introduced to the idea of Parkour.
Ms Tham has greatly benefitted from the sports itself. As she is in her silver years, she needed the help of a trolly cart to move around else she would find it very hard to maintain her balance. After sufficient sessions of parkour under Mr Tan, Ms Tham can now walk around unaided and is now no longer afraid to walk in crowds. She has also improved her hand-eye coordination, noting that she is much healthier now.
However, Mr Tan acknowledges that despite all the benefits, older people do still face contrains.

I have to be cautious not to go over the limits and also break down even the most basic moves to even simpler ones

Mr Michael Yan, clinical director at Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre, has also given his two piece on this activity for older people, admitting that parkour is an interesting for older enthusiast.

 A fall is more serious for an older person because their bones are more brittle and ligaments tend to be susceptible to injury as well

 Age shouldn’t bar older people from trying out parkour. But they should seek the advice of a doctor or a coach before they start

This is with reference to Straits Times article.
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