Singapore’s Top 5 Record Holding Athletes

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Singapore has often been criticised for placing too much emphasis on academics, neglecting other aspects of Education. This criticism comes from those with a more westernised view, believing that development in Arts or Sports can be equally important.


The typical Chinese family places too much emphasis on Education

However, there are still athletes who had successfully made a name for themselves. They have set remarkable records and become the role model for many aspiring young children. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Fandi Ahmad

The oldest on this list, Fandi Ahmad is considered a legend by the older generations of Singapore. He is a former footballer and is now the head coach of the Young Lions in the S.League.

Singapore's National Athlete

Fandi Admad playing in 2017

In 1983, Fandi Ahmad became the first Singapore to play in Europe when he signed for FC Groningen, in the Netherlands. Few Singaporeans footballers come close to Fandi Ahmad in terms of achievements and he was ranked 6th in a list of Singapore’s 50 Greatest Athletes of the Century by The Straits Times in 1999.

2. Feng Tianwei

She is a Singaporean table tennis player who moved here under the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, she was part of the team that won the silver medal. This is Singapore’s first Olympic medal as an independent nation.

Table Tennis Athlete

Feng Tianwei (Center) at the 2008 Beijing Olympic

She has gone on to win many medals for Singapore and even broke China’s 7 consecutive years of dominance in the Asian Cup. She is probably Singapore’s greatest ever table tennis player in terms of accolades.

3. Umaglia Kancanangai Shyam Dhuleep

Commonly known as U.K. Shyam, he is a retired Singaporean athlete specialised in 100m sprints. He is the current Singapore 100m record holder of with a timing of 10.37s. He broke the previous 33-year-old record of 10.38s at Beijing in 2001.

He has since retired and is currently working as a teacher.

4. Cheyenne Goh

Singapore's first Winter Olympic Athlete

Source: Straits Times

The youngest on this list, Goh is a Singaporean short-track speed skater. Many should have heard of her as she recently represented Singapore to participate in the Winter Olympic 2018.

From this, she became the first athlete representing Singapore to qualify for the Winter Olympics.

Born in 1999, she is only 19 this year and has a bright future to come.

5. Joseph Schooling

Easily the most famous one here now, Joseph Isaac Schooling made history back in the 2016 Olympics.

Joseph Schooling

Winning the Olympic Gold Medal

At the young age of 21, he became the gold medallist in the 100m butterfly in the 2016 Olympics. This is Singapore’s first ever Olympic gold medal and Schooling set the National, Asian and Olympic record all at once.

The best part? He even beat his idol, Michael Phelps.

And that concludes our top 5 most amazing athletes in Singapore. Each has worked hard in their event to achieve what they have now and we are proud of them. Have a different list? Share with us on Facebook!

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