Singapore’s youngest Drug Trafficker is the Mother of Two

How old did you expect the drug trafficker to be when you read that title? 25? 20?

She is 16-years-old. And she is the mother of 2 children, aged one and two

If you do the math, she gave birth when she was 14-years-old. Considering that pregnancy takes 9 months, this meant that she was possibly pregnant at the young age of 13.

Continuing with the story, she is believed to be the youngest drug trafficker in Singapore. The accused was put on two years’ probation after she was caught selling a packet of drugs to a youth. She had admitted to selling a packet of methamphetamine (Ice) to Muhammad Nur Syazwin Ismail,17, at a HDB block in Ang Mo Kio. The packet was worth $80 despite only weighing 0.26g.

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It is reported that Syazwin would leave money at a staircase landing for the accused to collect. She would then place a plastic packet containing the drugs at the same spot and call him to tell him “okay”. Syazwin would then go there to pick up the packet.

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The court considered her youth, her children and her mother, who is in her 50s, and has a very serious health condition and is undergoing radiotherapy when giving her sentence.

She will now undergo two years of split probation. An electronic tag will be attached to her for 12 months and she will have to remain indoors from 10 pm to 6 am. She also has to attend a drug intervention programme and undergo regular and random urine tests. A $5,000 bond has also been paid by her mum to ensure her good behaviour.

An example of an electronic tag

The minimum sentence for drug trafficking is five years and five strokes while the maximum is 20 years and 15 strokes. Women and men above 50 cannot be caned. So think twice (maybe even thrice) and don’t you touch those things.

Source: Straits Times


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