SixTNC: New Rival to Uber/Grab?

Image Credits: Straits Times/LIM YAOHUI

Can you earn $100,000 a year from driving taxis?

Apparently, there will be a 3rd private hire firm trying to muscle into the taxi scene in Singapore.

The Straits Times reports that “SixTNC” was launched at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore on Sunday (18 June) by Indonesian businessman Radius Wibowo.

The entire premise hangs on a referral scheme whereby every driver under your patronage would be taxed 5%, in addition to the ubiquitous charge of 20% ( similar to Uber/Grab)

This 5% is then transferred to you. The snowball effect would increase as you rope in more drivers, enabling you to live the dream of earning more while working less.

The managing director, Mr Lee, claims that a driver with 30 people under him, assuming that all of them earn $150 a day, would be able to attain that six-figure sum.

And all that by working only 8 hours a day.

Popular opinion dictates that it is currently viewed with scepticism…


Here is a video explaining their business model:


Sadly, it falls short of the Grab driver who’s able to earn $25,000 a month: