Solution to Losing the CNY Calories

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With CNY fast approaching, one will definitely be tempted stuff all the goodies into your mouth. With each slice of kueh lapis, each piece of pineapple tart, you feel as if you are forgetting something.

Only when you have finished all the snacks, you realise…wasn’t my new year’s resolution to lose weight and achieve 6 pack abs? Never mind, I will leave it to next year.

After all…

“New Year Resolutions are meant to be broken”

Ye right…

Well, if you regret your moment of impulse, SingaporeGo has got your back. Studies have shown a secret shortcut to losing those extra calories without exercising, dieting or spending money. No, this is not a clickbait…

Slow Eating Speed May be Linked to Weight Loss

While the scientific reasoning behind this has not be confirmed, it is hypothesized that satiety signal takes time to be transmitted to the brain from the stomach. This means that your brain will only register food in your stomach sometime after you have already eaten.

So, by eating slower, you are less likely to be stuffing yourself. Of course, this is still a hypothesize.

But there are studies to back it up

A study was conducted with 60,000 Japanese people to find the relationship between eating speed and one’s weight. Backed by Japan’s Kyushu University and Japanese Society for the Study of Obesity, it seems pretty reliable. Click here to read from the Science Medical Centre.


In summary, the slow-eating group of 4,192 people has a small waist circumference and a lower BMI than the fast-eating group, on average. BMI refers to Body Mass Index, a ratio of weight-to-height and is often used for determining whether a person has a healthy weight for his height.

The main finding was that a decrease in eating speed does have a positive correlation with one’s weight. So, chill man! Chew your food longer and pause between bites.


There are other factors affecting the study too

  1. Participants may have lost weight due to different habits, such as stop snacking after dinner
  2. Eating speed and behaviours were self-reported, the eating speed may be subjective
  3. There is no data on whether the participants exercised

In conclusion,

You can still eat your CNY snacks without caring about your new year’s resolution. All you need to do is to eat wayyyyy slower than usual. To see a more significant loss in weight, you may still want to consider exercising, not eating anymore CNY goodies after the festival ends and count the calories. Click here to see how much calories you need to burn from eating the CNY goodies.

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