Spending S$2,000 for a bunch of leaves

Walking down the trail in a park, along a row of bushes with beautiful flowers may tempt you to just pluck a flower to go along with your cheerful mood. However, it is against the law to cut, collect or displace any plant within a public park in Singapore and doing so may result in a fine.

Source: ChannelNewsAsia (Calvin Oh)

Well, for most people, you would expect the fine to be around SGD$100 or maybe SGD$500 for repeated offenders. I mean…how expensive can it be to replace a plant…

Source: HouseLogic

Unfortunately for a Bangladeshi national, he was given a fine of SGD$2,000. And this was not for plucking 99 roses, just leaves off a Red Lip Tree in Singapore Botanic Garden.

Source: National Park website
Picture of the fine circulating on social media

Admittedly, the aim of the fine is to punish the man for breaking the law and to deter future repeated acts. But still…$2,000 for some leaves…

In the latest article by ChannelNewsAsia, they reported that the National Park Board (NParks) has decided to review an appeal for this case. Since the fine is issued by an AXS machine, it appears that regardless of the extent of the crime, the machine is programmed to issue a fine with amount based on the type of offence entered.

I understand this to mean that a person who pluck 1 leave off a tree will receive the same fine as someone who just set fire to a tree? Since both are “causing damage” to the tree…

It is still best to take note that one should not be causing harm in any form to the flora that beautifies our garden city and keep your hands to youself.

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