S’pore caterer DUMPS CURRY in Tampines River

Don’t order too much food for events, especially if you have no proper means to dispose of the food waste.

On Sunday (Feb 4), Singaporean Shirley Tan shared on Facebook an image of curry dumped into a river in Singapore.

According to Tan, a caterer for a wedding at the void deck of Blk 408 Pasir Ris dumped leftover curry from the event into the Tampines river next to it.

She noted that Singapore’s natural wildlife of monitor lizards and otters in the area would be affected by the curry pollution.

The National Environmental Agency and Public Utilities Board have been notified of the issue.

How the Tampines River usually looks like

It should be noted that the curry appears to be flowing from a small canal leading into the river.

The PUB, which controls Singapore’s waterways and reservoirs, have stated before that litter in drains would eventually be washed into rivers or reservoirs.

Singaporeans are reminded to dispose of their food waste appropriately, and not dump it into rivers, or drains that would eventually find their way into rivers.

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