S’porean Man at McDonald’s Hurls Vulgarities at Cashier over Ice Cream

A man in Singapore was caught on video hurling insults and verbally abusing a McDonald’s cashier over ice-cream. 

The incident occurred at the Hougang Mall McDonald’s outlet, and the video has since been circulated and shared thousands of times online.

In the 94 second video, the man can be seen, and heard, hurling all sorts of verbal abuse at the McDonald’s staff.

In case you’re unable to view the video, here is the transcript of the man’s expletive-ridden abuse:

“What service is this tell me? Is the McDonald’s service like that?

Don’t tell me sorry. I’m very angry. What I haven’t ordered, see me, what money money money? What is this?

What different customer, come in three? What different customer?

Huh? Miscommunication? Can keep on asking money where money where? Like that? Is your service good like that?

What you talk to her? I want to see what you all do to her.

Any higher authority to talk to me? Higher authority to talk to me. What manager? Restaurant manager? I want to talk to the restaurant manager.

No need, no need, ask your restaurant manager call me now.

The moment see me, money, money where’s the money? What is this?

My face I got no money to pay for this ice cream?

You mean, I got no money to pay the ice cream?

F**k man.

Misunderstanding? You all see I got no money to pay the f**king ice cream?”

Screengrab of video.

The cashier, however, stayed classy and did not raise her voice in response to the unreasonable man.

It is not known what exactly sparked off the man’s anger, but it appears that he was ticked off by the fact that the cashier requested for him to pay money before his ice-cream arrived.

In case you are unaware – that is standard McDonald’s protocol.

However, the man grew increasingly agitated, refusing the cashier’s attempts to calm him down, and demanded to see the restaurant manager.

He also seemed quite self-conscious that he appeared poor, saying things like “My face I got no money to pay for this ice cream?”, and “You all see I got no money to pay the f**king ice cream?”

Some guesses: perhaps the man was having a bad day and wasn’t in the best condition financially (just got retrenched, etc.), and meeting this McDonald’s cashier was just the last straw.

But in any case, such behaviour is definitely not acceptable in Singapore – and the man was rightly condemned by Singaporean netizens online.

Maybe the female cashier in question can take a leaf out of this female police officer’s book:

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