Spread of virus from Patients to Healthcare Workers??

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There have been 6 cases of healthcare workers who are confirmed COVID-19.

2 healthcare workers were among the 120 COVID-19 cases announced on Sunday, and 4 of them were from last Saturday.

A porter checks a patient’s details with a nurse at Singapore General Hospital.

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There has been no evidence at the moment to show that any patient had spread the infection to healthcare workers.

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Most of the affected healthcare workers are imported cases. ✈️🗺️

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They developed symptoms only when they return to Singapore.

Some of the cases were infected by members of their family who contracted COVID-19.

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Whenever the workers develop symptoms, they are being removed from their duty and told not to come back to work.

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Don’t worry, Singapore is taking precautions to ensure the safety of our healthcare workers

All patients are also well taken care of! 👍

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Despite the risks, our healthcare workers have been tirelessly carrying out their duties almost everyday! With only their patients in mind, they really are the heroes during this pandemic!!

Let’s all appreciate every sacrifice that they have made for us!! 🌻

Thank you Healthcare workers! 👏👏

So what can you do or cannot do in “circuit breaker”??

See what the Govt has done to curb the spread of COVID-19 within Dormitories!

COVID-19 Daily Update 2020-04-11: 1 New Death, 198 New Confirmed Cases, Total 2,108 in SG Now

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