Starbucks released Pink Cherry Blossom themed merchandise in Singapore

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Starbucks Japan’s cherry blossom themed spring collection is available in Singapore now!

The cherry blossom themed collection will be featured on everything from coffees to tumblers, to many other items such as reward cards, all in various shades of pink!

Bottle (473ml) – S$29.90 | Pouch (with 6 markers) – S$9.90


Tumblers from left (355ml) – S$25.90, S$22.90, (473ml) – S$22.90, S$21.90

Left, 355ml – S$34.90 | Middle, 355ml – S$22.90 | Right, 547ml – S$25.90


Left, 473ml – S$36.90 | Right, 473ml – S$42.90


473ml – S$29.90


Their reward system is free to join, simply sign up in any of their outlets, or online. These designs might not be on their website yet.


Left, VIA® Ready Brew, 12 sticks – S$16.90 | Middle, Whole Bean, 250g – S$16.90 | Right, Origami Personal Drip Coffee, 6 cups – S$10.90

Get yours now before the promotion ends (more likely for it to be sold out before the end of promotion due to limited quantity)!

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