5 Pointless Travel Items You Should Stop Bringing

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Always overpacking for your trip? It’s just a huge burden for a traveller to have too much luggage. Not only it is awkward on public transport, but it is also hard to find the things as and when you need them. You got to travel light and RIGHT. And it’s largely about what you don’t pack. Check out the 5 items that you’ll never need most of the time (if not ALL THE TIME).


  1.  Holiday Readings & Guidebooks- Although reading is one of the best ways to pass the time during long hours in transit. But it is undeniable that they are VERY HEAVY. And they take up a LOT of unnecessary space in your suitcase when you are traveling. If you are bringing a travel guide, you can also put it aside as Lonely Planet have their own app with an offline function, you can just download the information when you have Wi-Fi.                                                                                                                                           
  2. Money Belt- Do you think having a money belt is the best way to keep your cash when you are abroad? Honestly, I brought a money belt when I was travelling in Rome but it’s not easy to access and embarrassing at times when I need money in a hurry. Who feels comfortable lifting their shirts to access the money belt especially if you need it in a hurry. Also, it may look pretty bulky when you fill it up too much.

  3. Men: Hiking Shoes/Women: High Heels – Unless you are on a hiking trip/business trip that requires a specific dress code, hiking shoes/high heel shoes is definitely a NO-NO because it takes up a lot of space in your luggage. Also, hiking boots are the heaviest and bulkiest item in your luggage. And because they take up so much space, you may end up hanging them on the outside and they are bound to hit you in the side. 
  4. Camera Lens & Tripod- As full-time travel bloggers, camera accessories will take up most of your luggage. But as non travel bloggers, you can do without all the zoom lenses and tripod. You don’t need the extra gear. You could capture nice snaps with your phones now.

  5. LOTS of Clothes- It’s tempting to try to stuff everything you own in your wardrobe in your luggage. You are not going to a fashion show. Do bear in mind, the more clothes you bring, the more laundry you have to do when you are back. So, pack enough, DO NOT overpack!

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It’s pointless extra weight in your luggage because you’ll never use them. Bring right and enjoy your trip!

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