Stop helping your maid to keep her salaries

The Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) has recently tried to push for the Singapore government to pass a law, prohibiting the practice of employers safe-keeping their maids’ salaries.

Many Singaporean employees believe in helping their maids to keep their salaries, in fear that they would not know how to budget it and may spend as they feel like; or so some said. The CDE has received many request for assistance from foreign domestic workers, looking to recover their salaries “safe-kept” by their employers. Some maids were even sent home without receiving their full salaries and there were also cases where the sum of salary owed became too large for the employers to repay.

Under the Foreign Manpower Employment Act. the method for payment of salary is decided by the employee and not the one giving the salary, contrary to societal beliefs. Once the new law is passed out, which it is likely to be, it will be considered illegal to safe-keep salaries for maids should they not consent to it.

Watch the video below by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), an interview with a famous maid focusing on her views on the safe-keeping of her salary by her employer

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