Story behind the Aunty who Forced open MRT door at Little India

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The story of an aunty who forcefully opened the MRT door went viral yesterday, and many people immediately jump the gun to blame the aunty for been Kancheong spider to board the train.

The incident caused a huge viral sensation on the internet, and it was mostly people who criticizing or making fun of the aunty for reckless, and causing train to delay.

But someone came forward this morning and explained the situation surrounding this incident.

This Reddit user named ‘Phong’ explained the situation on the debacle.

The aunty was actually chasing after her sister who has autism, as the sister ran into the MRT with the red shirt aunty chasing from the back. She did not manage to get in the train, and thus in desperation, pried open the MRT door to squeeze through, and got herself stuck in-between the 2-layered MRT doors.

MRT staffs were seen frantically trying to open the door that had closed on her from the back, but the passengers from within the MRT forced open the door first and rescued her from the pinch.

Autism carers have had to deal with many life-threatening circumstances when it comes to taking care of their loved ones. Yes the aunty should not have done that. But many times, caregivers reach a point of no longer having the time to think and we just react focusing more on the safety of our charge.”

If you were in her shoes, what would you have done differently?

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