Struggles of working as a healthcare workers during this period

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Photo and information credit: Neo Xiaobin, The Straits Time reporter

While we may all know of the long hours our healthcare workers have to work, I’m sure many of us aren’t able to imagine the actual struggles they go through.

Deep marks from wearing protective gear, headaches due to the pressure on your cheekbones and nose bridge, being fully drenched in sweats from wearing the protective gowns and so much more.

📸: Neo Xiaobin

In addition to the physicals struggles, healthcare workers go through tremendous emotional burdens as well.

Working in the healthcare sector means that there is constantly an invisible threat, they have to be constantly on their guards to protect not just themselves and the patients, but their loved ones at home too.

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A nurse, Neo Xiaobin spoke to, shared that she would call her family when she is on the way home to ensure that her children are in their rooms when she gets home.

She does this in addition to showering in the hospital before making her way home.

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📸: Neo Xiaobin

When she gets home, she immediately showers again before spending time with her 5 children back home after an exhausting shift.

She once cried when her children asked her how her day is.

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I’m sure like her, many healthcare workers are going through tremendous stress, wanting to protect their family while doing their part to serve the country.

Additionally, let’s not forget our healthcare workers who are currently fasting during Ramadan, it must be exhausting for them to keep on fighting to help the infected while fasting.

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So let’s do our part and help them as well.

Remember the nurse that was mentioned earlier?

When she spoke to Neo Xiaobin, in tears, she said: “guys… do stay at home and enjoy your circuit breaker time with your family.”

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📸: Neo Xiaobin

While we may be lamenting about how boring and torturous it is to be stuck at home, what we may not realize that many front liners aren’t even able to spend quality time with their family.

So let’s count our blessing and appreciate the smallest things in life.

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📸: Neo Xiaobin

I am sure there is so much more we can do for our front liners, beyond clapping and singing for them, let us stay at home and stop the spread of the virus.

If you have to go out, please remember to wear a mask.

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Let’s stay safe together! 

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