Students from a boys’ school go on a classroom RAMPAGE!

One would usually not associate the flipping of study desks, outbursts of shouts and throwing of plastic chairs across the classroom with the everyday routine of Singapore schools, especially by its education standards.

However, in an exceptional incident, a video showing students from a boys’ school wrecking their classroom has recently been circulating online.


Two boys were initially seen throwing plastic chairs while another flipped over a desk. A few others later joined in the rampage, hurling more classroom furniture across the room.


One boy had also been captured parading across the frame with both his middle fingers raised.

Perhaps wanting nothing to do with the matter, a few students could be seen walking away and out of the classroom.


Amidst the chaos, there was at least one boy who tried to break up the riot by shouting at the others: “Oi! Do not break the tables and chairs!” However, his voice was drowned out by the chaos and his words fell on deaf ears.


The principal of the school came forward and said in response to the incident: “The school does not condone the students’ actions in the video, and has counselled them and meted out appropriate disciplinary measures.”


Netizens online have criticised the parenting of the subjects involved in the video and a few have also typed out a piece of their mind.


However, we are at an age where the limitations of parental guidance over their children have been lowered due to the exposure of many sorts that the children face. Especially in current times, through the Internet, the younger generation has, more than ever before, access to boundless information. As such, their behaviour may have been influenced purely by what they see.


Therefore, is it really fair to blame their upbringing?



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