Stupid prank played by passenger on Grab driver


We often hear stories of private hire drivers causing distress and discomfort for their passengers.

The classics such as asking your passenger out, sexual harassment, and even physical assault.

This time the tables have turned, and it was considerably distasteful.

User Joey posted the details on her Facebook page on 1 July, when her boyfriend who is working as a Grab driver was tasked to “pick up” a passenger at Pusarsa Abadi Muslim Cemetery.

While this might not be out of the ordinary, the call came at 2:53 am.

To make matters worse, once he had reached, his “passenger” messaged him asking if he saw him.

Mr Innocent at this point replied, “You at main road?”

“I’m in your car already, behind you. do you see me”

I don’t know about you, but if I were the driver all alone at the ulu place in the middle of the night, I would have peed my pants and faster siam liao.

Fortunately, the driver kept his wits about him, recognising it was nothing but a prank.

He also thanked his ghostly passenger for the free trip, seeing as how he was working for a 50 trips Grab incentive.

We presume the prankster cancelled the trip, effectively contributing towards the 50 trips target.


Here is the original post:

We know the stories of Lim Chu Kang, emanating from the cemeteries, army camps and abandoned training grounds.

Call me a coward, but I wouldn’t pick up anyone from the cemetery during those hours.

See how ulu the place looks:

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