Subway Going Halal: 60 Branches Stopped Selling Pork

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As a follow up to its announcement on 31 Jan that it was considering becoming Halal-certified, 60 Subway branches in Singapore have stopped selling pork.

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The affected outlets (which are the majority of subway outlets here) are listed below:

Subway is still in the midst of trying to obtain Halal certification from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis).

The restaurants listed above have stopped selling pork, but are not yet Halal certified.

Stopping the sale of pork means that some customer-favourite sandwiches, such as the Italian B.M.T. or Chicken and Bacon Ranch, will no longer exist in their original forms.

Subway chicken bacon ranch

No more Chicken and Bacon Ranch ?

Subway has stated it will be using turkey bacon as a substitute.

As expected, many Singaporeans are not all too pleased regarding this change.

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However, let us remember to be tolerant and respectful of all Singaporeans, as aptly pointed out by this Redditor xinjiaporean.

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