TEEN MASQUERADING AS WOMAN in credit-for-sex scam arrested

Imagine paying for some intimate interaction, only to find out it was a farce… AND that you have been FLIRTING WITH A MAN the whole time. Probably not the best day of your life. But this is exactly what happened to the victims of a teenager who has been recently arrested for instigating credit-for-sex scam.

In one of these cases, a victim lodged a police report in November last year  after the ‘woman’ became unreachable after he was asked to make an advance payment to a bank account for sexual favors.

Officers from Tanglin Police Division were then finally able to establish the suspect’s identity and apprehended ‘her’ on 26 January this year. It was then discovered that ‘she’ was actually an 18 year-old man was involved in MULTIPLE cheating case the same nature.

SingaporeGo would like to remind readers NOT to easily trust online users hiding behind a mask of anonymity. But at the same time, to those desperate and gullible enough to be baited by a 18 year-old brat for sex: you need to reevaluate your life choices ASAP..

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