Teenage Cyclists walked 6km to help lost Karang Guni uncle get home to Yishun

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While older generation Singaporeans often gripe about millennials being a “strawberry generation” and selfish, some teenagers have proven them wrong.

Last week, on the night of 28 Feb, two teenage cyclists, aged 17 and 19, were approached by an old rag-and-bone man.

The rag-and-bone man and one of the cyclists who helped him. The other one is taking the photo. This photo was originally uploaded to FB page “Love Cycling SG”

The man was a cardboard collector, had walked a long distance collecting cardboard, and somehow lost his way.

He approached the two teenagers and asked them for help, requesting to borrow a phone to call his wife, which they agreed.

However, as it was late at night, his wife did not pick up the phone.

The cyclists shared their experience on a Singapore cyclist FB group.

The two cyclists, Ray Ang and Kwek Jun Yuan, then volunteered to help him get home so that he would not be stuck outside wandering around the whole night.

Rather than just pointing out the direction to go, the 2 cyclists actually walked with the karang guni man all the way back to his home in Yishun.

They walked around 6km slowly, as they had to push their bicycles and help the man with the goods he had collected.

The entire journey took 2 hours in total.

Ray Ang uploaded a picture and recounted the incident on the FB page “Love Cycling SG”, where other Singaporeans lauded his caring behaviour.

Screenshots of comments by other Singaporeans on Ang’s FB post.

Some commenters also lamented the fact that the old man had to walk such a long distance, and so late, just to collect cardboard. (note: he must have travelled at least 6km out of his home to collect the cardboard as well.)

With Singapore’s rapidly aging population and our policymakers trying to come up with solutions to tackle it, it is heartwarming to see how a simple act of kindness can touch the hearts of so many.

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