Teenager wins $1,015 PER WEEK for the rest of her life, on her 18th birthday

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Birthdays are almost always a joyful occasion, with presents and a celebratory meal.

Yet, while most of us would be happy with getting a phone or a new play-station, one Canadian teen got a much better surprise.

Charlie Lagarde from Quebec had bought a C$4 lottery ticket and a bottle of champagne to celebrate her 18th birthday on March 14.

This turned out to be the best decision of her life, when she discovered she was the winner of the  grand prize of the Gagnant a Vie lottery.

She was given the choice of either accepting a one off  $1 million cash reward taxed, or a tax free weekly payment of $1,015 for life.

After consulting a financial adviser, she chose the latter, which amounts to more than $4 million if she were to live to the country’s mean life expectancy of 83.



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