The 50 Cents Fest 2019 – Indulge in Classic Local Hokkien Delights from ONLY $0.50!

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From 28 – 29 July 2019, Chinatown will be hosting the 50 Cents Fest once again, this time themed – Hokkien.

Prepare your tastebuds for a tantalizing ride as you make your way down the hustling and bustling Chinatown Food street this July!

Chinatown Food Street

With over 40 different stalls dishing out more than 50 traditional savouries and sweets, some of which are very rare these days, everything here are priced humbly between $0.50 and $3 only.

Address: Smith Street, Chinatown Food Street, Singapore 058938

Dates: 28 – 29 Jul 2019

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm

Admission: Free

Tucked away in a corner will be a hidden Hokkien stall presenting classic delights like Hei Zho, Cha Hok Kia Mee and Buddha Jumps over the Wall. 

Cr: Chinatown Food Street

Also, do not miss out on the fragrant and savoury Ngoh Hiang (which derived its name from the Chinese five-spice powder)!

Cr: Chinatown Food Street

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The Cha Hok Kian Mee is a black rendition of the Hokkian Mee which uses a dark soya sauce to achieve its distinct dark colour and piquant flavour.

A good option if you are looking for something more substantial than a snack!

Cr: Chinatown Food Street

Need something light and refreshing to wash down all that greasy food? Go for the Ang Zou Teh which is slightly sweet!

Cr: Chinatown Food Streat

Before Ice pops came in, Street vendors used to sell Sng Paos which is practically the same thing! Popular among children, I would definitely recommend you to get one for yourself, to beat the sweltering heat!

Cr: Chinatown Food Street

With just $10, I believe you can cover all the stores and eat till your hearts content! Hurry and jio all your friends to partake in this nostalgic and gastronomical experience!

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