The Champion TV Drama – Where are they now?

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“The Champion” – Bikini Scene

How many of you still remember the Orchard Road scene when Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin and Taiwan actress Joyce Chao ran along the stretch of malls in bikinis?

Back then, it raised a ruckus since it was the first time such an audacious scene has been shot, with many local and foreign bystanders all bearing witness to this glorious moment.

Back then, it probably ruffled a few feathers, not to mention flutter every young man’s heart.

It has set a “precedent” that most tv series till date have been unable to emulate.


Here is the video clip:


The TV drama aired between October to November 2004 and received one of the highest viewership rates, unsurprisingly.

Additionally, this was the first drama which allowed viewers to vote via SMS on Nov 16, 2004, for the viewers’ favourite 2-minute short ending which was then aired the next day.

It was also Jessica Liu‘s acting debut.


Fiona Xie

Image Credits: AsiaOne


Ahhh…, the chosen one who wrote herself into local legend with THAT iconic scene.

Xie started acting at the young age of 19. She modelled for commercials prior to being a full-time actress in 2001.

Her versatility in bilingualism landed her roles in both Channel 5 and 8 dramas, sitcoms and variety shows.

In 2005, she was voted the sexiest woman for “FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women Singapore” list.

Additionally, she was dubbed one of Channel 8’s Seven Princesses along with Felicia Chin, Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Dawn Yeoh, Jessica Liu, and Joanne Peh in the mid-2000s.

In 2009, Xie officially left MediaCorp and has been heavily involved with photography production and art curation in Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo.

After a 7 year hiatus, she has returned to the small screen in a Channel 5 drama “Left Behind” in 2016 and will be in the cast of “Crazy Rich Asians” in her Hollywood debut alongside Michelle Yeoh and Ken Jeong.

The 34-year-old has been romantically linked with Julien Leo, a model and rapper 14 years her junior.



Jeanette Aw

Jeanette Aw

Image Credits: Richard Jang (Pinterest) & herworldPLUS


Probably the most successful and popular of the Seven Princesses, Aw has been a Mediacorp artist for 15 years since signing on in 2002.

Till date, she has swept up a record 29 awards at the Star Awards and published 2 books.

She hit new heights with her role in “The Little Nyonya” in 2008.

The acclaimed series boasts the highest viewership in the country in 14 years and was the most watched drama of that year.

Its success prompted international broadcasts, musicals and spin-offs.

From endorsements, theatre, variety shows to humanitarian and social work, Aw has done it all.

She is currently acting in the second season of “118“.

Her most “sensational” moment would probably be receiving shade from Rui En at the 2015 Star Awards whilst receiving 6 awards.

Damn, son…


Felicia Chin

Felicia Chin

Image Credits: Omy & ST


The sweetheart of the bunch; Felicia, has shunned the limelight associated with acting.

She was part of the National Softball Team in 2000, becoming the youngest member ever. She would later leave in 2003 to be an actress.

In 2010, she did part-time acting to pursue a business degree in NUS. Following which, in 2013, she quit her studies to return to acting.

Just last year, she was officially confirmed to be an item with Jeffrey Xu.


Felicia Chin Jeffrey Xu Screengrab

Image Credits: AsiaOne/Toggle


Well, there you go. You have just been caught up with the female stars of “The Champion”.

Hang in there! Part 2 will be coming up soon.

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