The National Lee Family Feud

The Lee Family Feud Saga


Singapore has always been peaceful and politically undisturbed for as long as we remember, Thus I am sure that not many of us Singaporeans were expecting to see a public statement made by both Dr Lee Wei Ling (Daughter of the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew) and Mr Lee Hsien Yang (Youngest Son of the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew)) appearing on Dr Lee Wei Ling’s Facebook timeline at an unusual time of 2:20 AM.



In summary, both siblings of PM Lee Hsien Loong are addressing the family house – Mr Lee Kwan Yew’s Estate, as one of their major topic. It is said that PM Lee has used many ways, even abusing his authority as a political figure, to keep the family house when the late Lee Kwan Yew wished to demolish it.

In short, the few key statements being brought up are:

  1. Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang had said in their statement that they had lost confidence in their brother, PM Lee Hsien Loong.
  2. Mr Lee Hsien Yang felt compelled to leave Singapore “for the foreseeable future” due to this issue.
  3. PM Lee and his wife Mdm Ho Ching had opposed the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew’s wish as “the preservation of the house would enhance his political capital”.
  4. PM Lee and his wife harbour political ambitions for their son, Hongyi. (Mr Lee HongYi has denied this statement on his Facebook)
  5. Mdm Ho Ching is resembling America’s ‘First Lady’ status by instructing Secretaries or Senior Civil Servants, a stark difference from the Late Mdm Kwa Geok Choo
  6. PM Lee threatened both siblings and demanded their silence on Lee Kwan Yew’s last wish.
  7. PM Lee had used his position as Prime Minister to obtain a copy of the Deed of Gift from Minister Lawrence Wong, which he then passed to his personal lawyer to advance his personal agenda of keeping the family house.



After receiving news about the public statement being released, PM Lee responded with the following statement:

I am very disappointed that my siblings have chosen to issue a statement publicising private family matters. I am deeply saddened by the unfortunate allegations that they have made. Ho Ching and I deny these allegations, especially the absurd claim that I have political ambitions for my son.

While siblings may have differences, I believe that any such differences should stay in the family. Since my father’s passing in March 2015, as the eldest son, have tried my best to resolve the issues among us within the family, out of respect for our parents.

My siblings’ statement has hurt our father’s legacy.

I will do my utmost to continue to do right by my parents. At the same time, I will continue serving Singaporeans honestly and to the best of my ability. In particular, that means upholding meritocracy, which is a fundamental value of our society.

As my siblings know, I am presently overseas on leave with my family. I will consider this matter further after I return this weekend. – LHL


Shortly after, Lee Hsien Yang spoke to The Straits Times on Wednesday (June 14) and said that leaving was the only sensible option left for him. A few key statements were said during his interview:

  1. Mr Lee Hsien Yang felt closely monitored and feared the use of state organs against them. However, declining to provide specific information on how state organs had been used against him.
  2. Mr Lee said he and his wife had not decided where they would go or when they would leave.
  3. He cited as proof the setting up of a ministerial committee to consider options for the house and questions its purpose as Dr Lee Wei Ling is residing there.
  4. He further emphasised his wish to honour his parent’s decision by saying, “Both my parents wanted it, we feel we owe a duty to honour our parents’ wishes. My parents asked this of all three children and they told this to us many times in our lives. It is the least we could do for them, and actually, I think many people would like to see that wish fulfilled,”


Early this morning Dr Lee Wei Ling responded to PM Lee’s status with the following and further citing with another Facebook post:

I am out of Singapore, with erratic and slow internet connection. The article that appeared in the Singapore press gave PM’s version of the story. Our letter was carefully vetted by our lawyers and obviously not in my own voice.

My American friend who is the tour leader of my Scottish island holiday thought it a family quarrel. If it were merely a family affair, we would not have taken it public. The main message is not Hsien Yang & I fearing what PM will do to us. The most important point I want to put across is if PM can misuse his official power to abuse his siblings who can fight back, what else can he do to ordinary citizens. But our lawyer edited that main message out, and as Hsien Yang got most of the bullying, he could not help but allow his emotion to be expressed in the press statement. That is what led my American friend to conclude that it is a family quarrel.

38 Oxley Road was bought by my parents, it is for them to decide what its fate is. My Father had told us, his children, repeatedly, that being family property, there is no need to donate to charity if Oxley were sold. Hsien Loong, as a condition for selling the house to Hsien Yang, and in his attempt to punish Hsien Yang for blocking what he wants to do with the house, stipulated that in addition to paying Hsien Loong the market value of the house, he must also donate 50% of that value to charity.
Hsien Loong and Ho Ching are finally showing their true colours. I think these Colours show them unsuitable as PM and most certainly as PM’s wife of Singapore.


Mr Lee Hsien Yang has also followed up with this Facebook post, with similar artwork to Dr Lee Wei Ling


Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s Son, Mr Li Shengwu also shared his views and made this epic comment:

Because the Singapore news is heavily controlled by the government.

I’m in a position to know.

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