TheSugarBook added to the list of blocked websites by MDA

TheSugarBook was a youth hook-up app available on the mobile device app stores, promoting unlawful relationships between the youths in many countries.

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The app was founded in 2016 by Malaysia entrepreneur Darren Chen, who previously founded the now acquired GigFairy party finder platform. It has recently hit 56,000 users, majority of them are in Malaysia, and is looking to expand it overseas.

Mr Chan Chun Sing, previous Minister for Social and Family Development, said that websites such as these, are not welcomes in Singapore. It does not promote loyalty and trust between couples, only the opposite.

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In 2013, Ashley Madison, a website that banks on extramarital dating was blocked by the Media Development Authority (MDA) after it ruled that the site promotes blatant disregard of family values and public indecency.

TheSugarBook mobile app allows users to set their relationship status such as “Married But Looking” on their profile, without any verification of the user’s marital status.

Targeting the young women in their 20s, TheSugarBook reinforces the message that money is king, that it is the be all and end all of relationships. It also lies to their audiences that beauty and youth are the most important factors when looking for a lifelong partners.

Marriage, is after all a crystallization of the hard work put in between the loving couples. Life doesn’t always offer you the glamour and luxury, but still demands the unconditional love from both sides for it to work out.

The blocking of Ashley Madison and TheSugarBook clearly shown that the message that our government is trying to promote, and such things cannot be tolerated in the society where public morality is in the root of our culture and history.

I completely agrees with the Minister for Social and Family Development, Desmond Lee, that the more enduring way to protect young Singaporeans from being harmed is to inculcate good values from young, so that “they can exercise discretion and good judgement” when browsing the web today.

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