How Thieves can Steal your Car

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Malaysia is known to many Singaporeans for being unsafe. Singaporean kids may remember their parents telling them not to leave any valuables in the car when going somewhere, since thieves may smash open the window to grab the valuables. Kids may also have heard that one should not leave their phones or wallet on the table while eating as it may just be snatched.

Source: autoevolution

Now, it seems that there is another thing for car owners to worry about, specifically owners of cars with keyless entry system.

Source: The Star/Asia News Network

With a device of about RM150 (SGD$50), thieves can create a signal similar to the one produced by the owner’s “key” and unlock the car door.

For those who seek to understand the concept better, the car thieves are able to utilise the device to record the frequency at which the “key” of car owners produce to unlock their cars. They then replay the frequency to unlock the car.

Once the thieves got into the car, there is not much additional effort needed since they only need to push a button to activate the car.

Source: CNBC

Owners of a keyless car will want to be careful when spending Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Not an auspicious way to start the year (according to the Chinese Calender).

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