Things Singaporeans Love To Buy in Australia

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Don’t want to return back to Singapore empty-handed? Check out the list of things that Singaporeans love to buy when they are in Australia.


  • Arnotts Biscuits – You can only find the real Tim Tams in Australia. So, how do you know if you bought the right one? Do the Tim Tam Slam. Grab a Tim Tam, bite off the ends of it, place one end into a cup of milk and drink! The milk will melt the inside stuffing as the liquid travels up the chocolate straw. Apart from Tim Tam, Arnotts Shapes are equally as nice. 
  • VegemiteAccording to the Australians, the right way to eat Vegemite is to spread it onto toast with a 50/50 ratio with some butter.

  • Golden Boronia Nougats– Made with the natural goodness of honey, almonds, eggs, glucose syrup, edible wafer paper and is 100% cholesterol free, it is something you definitely have to purchase and leave it on your snack desk.


  • Health Supplements (Blacksmore, Swisse)- Health supplements cost a BOMB in Singapore, and most of the people who pop pills regularly normally get them online, some even get it from Airfrov because asking travellers to buy is cheaper than buying it in pharmacies. But if you’re headed to Australia, you’re in luck, as you can get supplements like Blackmores Multivitamins at 30% to 50% the price.

  • Pods Chocolates– Pods feature small and crunchy wafer cups housing some pretty addictive filling from Mars to Twix and Snickers. Half chocolate and half wafer, these little morsels are so highly addictive that you may start to hate us after trying them.

  • Burger RingsMunch on two kinds of junk food at once! Enjoy your favourite potato chips with the flavours of a burger.


  • Bondi Wash- Bondi Wash is a range of natural products for the home that combine the anti-bacterial power and fragrance of unique Australian bush oils with a luxurious mix of other essential oils and natural ingredients to create truly distinctive products that are good for you, the planet and your home. The wonderful Australian bush oils and natural ingredients make Bondi Wash products gentle but effective.

  • Aēsop- Aēsop is an Australian skin care brand owned by Brazilian company Natura. They offer skin, hair and body care formulations created with meticulous attention to detail, and with efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind.

  • Lucas’ Papaw Ointment- The ointment has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and can be applied on minor burns, scalds, sunburn, gravel rash, cuts, minor open wounds and many more.

  • Jurlique- One of Australia’s leading skincare brand, Jurlique provides skin care products with the purest form of natural ingredients to many countries. Check out the top sellers of Jurlique!


  • Pandora Pandora bracelets can be cheaper in Australia by more than $200, and you can save up to $60 on charms.


  • H&M – You can save an average of $10-20 savings per item, with a wider range of parkas and jackets on the Australia H&M Site.
  • Roxy and Quiksilver surfing/swimwear– Save an average of $10-$20 per item when you get it in Australia.

With Australian dollars hitting an all-time low, it’s time to start checking the Australian shopping sites and buy the things that you have been yearning for.

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