Things You Should Know Before Taking A Cruise

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After sharing why to choose to cruise over flying, I guess it’s time to tell you the things you have to know before deciding to take a cruise. You just need some preparation to make the getaway a wonderful and memorable one. Here are the things you should know before taking a cruise.

Before taking a cruise, there may be some questions you asked yourself.

  1. Should I purchase the wifi on board the cruise? The answer is a definite NO! The Internet is usually costly on most cruise liners and please don’t expect the high connection speeds (like those in your house) because you’re at sea. Furthermore, taking a cruise is supposed to be a HOLIDAY, not a business trip. If you do need the internet, you can look for free Wi-Fi access around ports, or simply have a coffee at one of the cafes with Wi-Fi on shore.
  2. I have seasickness, How? Fret not, before your trip, do get your sea sickness pills before you board. Also, most cruise ships have stabilizers, so most of the time you probably won’t feel any swishing, but if there is choppy waters or rough weather conditions you may find yourself (and everything else) swaying.
  3. Do I have to buy travel insurance? When traveling, there are always a number of factors that are NOT within your control, like travel delays, lost baggage, or injuries. So it is RECOMMENDED to take travel insurance so that you can easily deal with situations like this if it really happens(But touch wood, it WON’T happen).
  4. When is the best time to take a cruise? If you don’t like the crowd and has a tight budget, then you should take a cruise when it’s not the peak season. Usually, the cruise line’s offseason offer reduced costs, and with the shorter waiting time, this should be something that works for you. If not, you can also grab the promotional deals offered by travel agencies or during NATAS fair to get your getaway within your budget!
  5. What type of cabin should I get? Cabin selection= how much you want to spend/ budget you are working with. Most people will book the cheapest room available at the time of booking, preferring to save their money for shopping or shore excursions. Deck plans for most ships are available in hard copy from the cruise line, travel agent, or you can view them online. However, if you book early enough, you may get yourself upgraded to a better cabin.
  6. What is included in the fare? The initial fare quoted by travel agencies or by the cruise liner may include port charges, fees, and taxes. However, sometimes it may not. So do make sure you check what’s INCLUDED and what’s EXCLUDED in the package they offer. Also, you have to make sure you know what charges you’ll encounter on board, such as automatically added gratuities.
  7. Is there a dress code on the cruise? Check the dress code with the travel agents/ cruise liner to avoid packing the wrong outfits. It can be a little embarrassing if you wear the wrong outfits. Cruise ships often host evenings that require formal, smart casual or casual wear. Formal means suits and ties for men and evening dresses for women. Smart casual may require men to wear a jacket and tie or just a jacket, while women need a dress or pants suit. Casual evenings allow men to wear sports shirts and slacks while women can wear dresses or pants.
  8. What type of extras might I be charged for on the cruise?  You will be charged for items such as soft drinks, alcohol, special tea, and espresso coffee(if you ask for them). You will also be charged at restaurants that don’t provide your complimentary dinings, such as those overseen by celebrity chefs. You will also have to pay for spa treatments, shore excursions, photographs, internet services, medical services.

Why Choose Cruise Over Flying?

The list of questions can go on but these are the common questions cruisers are always asking. If you have a question, do not hesitate to comment below.

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