Things to take note before your child starts school

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School holidays’ are in and school’s out!! But as parents, we always worry about our children’s health.

Will our children be safe when school reopens? Are schools taking enough precautions?

Although we are sure schools are taking more than enough precautions to protect the students, there’s no harm in taking more precautions to make sure our children are super super super super safe!

Children’s mask

Oversized masks are as good as not wearing any mask, except for the fact it is uncomfortable 😣

Finding a suitable fit of mask for your kid is important. The mask should sit snugly on the face, but breathing should not be a difficulty.

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If you find it difficult to find for children-sized mask, WeekendGoWhere is selling kid-sized masks at affordable prices!

If your child is a teenager and needs an adult-sized mask, WeekendGoWhere is selling adult-sized mask too!! They have regular flash sales so do remember to check them out!


Thermometers are essential in ensuring that our kids are healthy and well. Taking temperature twice daily has become a routine for many of us. But if it hasn’t, it will be soon once school reopens.

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Infrared thermometer is arguably the most hygienic way to take temperatures without direct contact with any body part.

Also another good news if you can’t find thermometers anywhere — WeekendGoWhere is selling thermometers at affordable prices! Do remember to check them out!

Hand sanitisers

Although washing hands regularly is the best, it is always good to have a bottle of hand sanitiser to come in handy.

China Promotional Gift Cartoon Pattern Silicone Cute Waterless ...

Hand sanitisers come in different cute packagings that you can buy for your little one to spice things up a little! You can get them easily from any drugstore like Watsons or Guardian.


Nope we don’t mean to get your child to carry disinfectants, but it would be a good idea to have enough disinfectants at home to disinfect your child’s belongings like that school bag.

The right way to clean and disinfect household surfaces - The ...

Credit: Washington Post

This is to make sure that your child doesn’t bring back uninvited guests into your house 🙄


It may seem extra but, as always being kiasu isn’t always bad. Having a layer of protection on your hands will definitely help. Apart from it being uncomfortable, hence serving as a reminder to not touch their faces😫

Pharmacists to receive packs of gloves, aprons and masks as ...

Credit: Pharmaceutical Journal


Nope, raincoats doesn’t prevent the spread of COVID. But getting sick during this period because your child got drenched in the rain probably isn’t the best idea. Hence, we suggest getting raincoats!!

No harm arming your child with 1 set of raincoat! But remember, get a child-sized one please. We don’t want our children to be draped in oversized raincoats (although it may be the trend now)

You can find child-sized raincoats selling on online shopping sites, like Lazada and Shoppee 🙂

1pcs Kids Rain Coat children's Raincoat Rainwear/rain suit,Kids ...

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Although children are less susceptible to COVID-19, it is not guaranteed that they will not get COVID-19. Hence, we should all take appropriate precautions to make sure both our families are safe!

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