This Singaporean start-up will Queue for you for $20/hr.

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Planning on buying the newest smartphone, JJ Lin’s upcoming concert tickets or simply some newly-launched bubble tea? Well, you’ll probably have to face the ordeal of queueing for hours amidst sweaty strangers and noisy teenagers.

That is, before this Singaporean startup revolutionised the wait game.

iQueue packages. Screenshot from iQueue website.

Established in May 2017, iQueue is a Singaporean startup which offers six queueing packages from $20 for an hour up to $350 for 24 hours. Within half a year, it has completed hundreds of requests from kiasu/too-busy-to-queue Singaporeans for products such as the iPhone X, Ed Sheeran concert tickets, or even the newest Louis Vuitton handbags.

Queue for gongcha reopening in 2017. Source
iQueue provides the options of ‘Queue and Replace’, where you can simply turn up to the queue to replace the queuer at any time you fancy, as well as ‘Queue, buy and deliver’, where they will deliver the products to your doorstep, at an extra cost.

Live-updates of photos or videos will be provided at 15min intervals, or at your request. A 40% deposit is required via bank transfer, with the remaining to be paid after you receive your item.

Currently, around 30-part timers work for iQueue, the bulk of which are students trying to earn a quick buck during weekends or holidays.

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Queueing takes skill. 

Well, now you can have no qualms being kiasu without having to queue!

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