Tiger Woods arrested for DUI

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI


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The news sure does love when a celebrity hits new heights and in this case, lows.

Tiger Woods was arrested near his home in Jupiter, Florida on Monday, 29 May, under the suspicion of having driven under the influence.

He accorded his erratic driving to prescribed medication.

He was later released on the promise in writing to co-operate with future legal matters.

Woods has not won a major since 2008 and his life has since been peppered with media drama, personal problems and injuries.

While the misdemeanour might not have been severe, pictures circulating on the Internet have been really attention grabbing.

The public isn’t really being kind to him after this incident with memes aplenty on Twitter.


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We hope to see him rise again. A golfing legend like him does not deserve to go down in flames.

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