TOP 10 Singapore Hawker Food – CHEAP and DELICIOUS!

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With the wide variety of Hawker food available in Singapore, it can be hard to find the best of each by yourself!

But fret not for we have compiled a list of our favourite Hawker food for you, so read on to find out the best of our local food scene!

1. Zhong Zhong Fine Spice

Credits: Foodie FC

Anyone who has been to Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre is sure to have seen a queue here. I recommend their XL prawn crackers, ngoh hiang, pumpkin slices and don’t forget to order beehoon too! They sell out as early as 7pm, even on weekdays so be sure to head down early.

Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 588172

2. He Zhong Carrot Cake

Credits: Miss Tam Chiak

There are quite a few stalls selling carrot cake but He Zhong has the biggest following. So much that they now have another stall beside the original one! Famous for their White Carrot Cake, it’s crispy and fragrant with ample servings of pickled radish (cai pu). Add some chilli for a unique and spicy flavour to go with your carrot cake.

Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 588172

3. Ah Hock Fried Oyster Hougang

Credits: Spring Tomorrow

Ah Hock’s Oyster Omelette is made super crispy as the owner uses pork lard and fried egg instead of the omelette to make it perfect. Each oyster was perfectly cooked and moist that tastes amazing with the fried egg and chilli. This is definitely at the top of our list for the best oyster omelette in Singapore!

*Closed on Wednesday

Whampoa Hawker Centre
Blk 90 Whampoa Dr, #01-54, Singapore 320090

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4. Tian Tian Chicken Rice

Credits: Daniel Food Diary

This Chicken Rice has earned the Michelin Bib Gourmand and is seen as the icon of Chicken Rice in Singapore. The fragrant rice and succulent chicken contributed to the award-winning dish. They have even expanded to more outlets and has opened in Hong Kong at the Causeway Bay! But do head down to the original Tian Tian at Maxwell Food Centre for the most authentic flavours.

Maxwell Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur St, #01-10/11, Singapore 069184

Other Outlets:

  1. Simpang Bedok, 12 Jalan Pari Burong, Singapore 488678
  2. Blk 450 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-305, Singapore 120450
  3. Stall 5, Hotel Boss, 500 Jalan Sultan, #01-15, Singapore 199020
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5. Chuan Kee Satay

Credits: The Best Singapore

The best side to have alongside your heavy mains is definitely a stick of good ol’ satay. Chuan Kee has been a strong force in the satay scene for at least half a century with their traditional Hainanese style satay. Pair it with their fragrant peanut sauce with pineapple puree for the perfect bite!

Old Airport Food Centre
Block 51 Old Airport Road, #01-85, Singapore 390051

6. Chong Pang Nasi Lemak

Credits: Just Gola

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak has came a long way from its humble beginnings in the rustic Chong Pang Village Hawker Centre back in 1973. Now located in Sembawang, The coconut flavoured rice is eaten with crispy fried chicken wings or fish, cabbage or long beans and a sunny-side-up too. Opening from 5pm to 7am, this is the perfect place for dinner, supper and even an early breakfast!

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak
447 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758404
Opening Hours: 5pm – 7am

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7. Bismillah Biryani Restaurant

Credits: The Honeycombers

The only Biryani Restaurant to be awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand, Bismillah Biryani has one of the best biryani and kebabs in Singapore. Despite the restaurant’s humble settings, their Dum Biryani has got many praises for its flavourful rice and tender meat and has got many going back for more.

Bismillah Biryani Restaurant
50A Dunlop Street Singapore 209369
Opening Hours: 11.30AM –  9.30PM

Other outlets:
Simei MRT, NTUC Food Fare
Necus@one-north, 1 Fusionopolis Link

8. Faizal & Aziz Curry Muslim Food

Credits: Food Advisor

Perfectly balanced between the crispy exterior and the soft interior is Faizal & Aziz’s Roti Prata. A family business that is now in its second generation, Faizal has perfected the art of prata through long hours of practice. Their curry also has a kick to it so if spice is your kinda thing, then you should definitely give this a try!

Sin Ming Roti Prata
Faizal and Aziz Curry
24 Sin Ming Road
#01-51 Jin Fa Kopitiam, Singapore 570024

9. Hoover Rojak

Credits: Daniel Food Diary

A unique Singaporean experience is only made complete with Rojak, which mean “eclectric mix” in Malay. Hoover Rojak was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand and with its delicious tangy paste that packs a punch. If you like jellyfish, century egg or bunga kantan (torched ginger flower buds) in your Rojak, this is the place to be!

Whampoa Drive Food Centre
90 Whampoa Drive, #01-06, Singapore 320090

10. Hill Street Char Kway Teow

Credits: Miss Tam Chiak

Arguably the best Char Kway Teow in Singapore, this stall has earned a Michelin Plate in the Michelin Guide. Crispy pork lard adds the much-needed fragrance to the noodles while not making it too oily for our palettes. There’s always a long queue (perhaps due to its short opening hours) so be sure to head down early before it gets sold out!

Bedok South Market & Food Centre
16 Bedok South Road, #01-41, Singapore 460016

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