Top 10 things you NEVER knew about Singapore!

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Singapore. An urban city hub, a green city, a clean metropolis. However, there is more to Singapore than meets the eye…Here are 10 facts you NEVER knew about our little red dot!

10. Singapore comprises of not just one island and Sentosa-we own over 60 islands!

9. The largest Japanese graveyard in South-East Asia lies in Singapore.

Established in 1981, it has the graves of prostitutes, casualties, and important Japanese figures.

8. There are natural hot springs located in Sembawang and Pulau Tekong. Open for 7 am to 7 pm to everyone, feel free to head there for some relaxation!

7.  A single hectare in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve contains more species than the entirety of North America! Crazy huh?

6. A prison for Indian convicts is the location of modern-day SMU!

In fact, a bodhi tree still alive at SMU was said to be planted by one of the convicts!

5. You MUST flush after using the toilet; if caught, a fine of $150 will be issued!


4.  The world’s largest indoor waterfall can be found in Singapore! Located in Gardens by the Bay, it stands a whopping 35 metres high!

3. In 10.55 seconds, Singaporeans are able to walk 18 metres. Collectively, Singaporeans are the fastest walkers in the world as of 2007!


2.  Singapore is apparently big on guns: we are the 5th biggest arms importer according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIRP).

  1. Singapore’s success has widely been attested to PM Lee Kuan Yew, but he almost kicked the bucket in his youth-the Japanese were rounding up men in what would transpire as the Sook Ching Massacre, and Lee only escaped with his quick thinking: he asked for permission to return home to take his clothes and the guard agreed. What a close shave!

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