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Are you travelling to Bali anytime soon? Get ready for an amazing holiday filled with lots of fun and relaxation. But first, want to find out what are the TOP 5 local dishes you should try when you’re there? We’ve got you sorted!

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A mix of vegetables, coconut and minced meat with rich herbs and spices make up this traditional Indonesian dish. The name of this dish literally means “thinly sliced” or “finely chopped”. Not only is this dish delicious, but it also plays an integral role in Bali’s culture. You can find this dish served during almost every single festive occasion in Bali. It’s always prepared with the freshest ingredients, so be sure to consume it quickly!


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In Bali, this much-loved delicacy is also called godoh biu. This snack consists of deep fried banana along with flour and either wheat, rice flour, tapioca or bread crumb. Sometimes, coconut milk, milk or vanilla extract is added to give it even more flavour. It tastes best with coffee, tea or even ice cream! Pisang goreng is also seen as a symbol of hope and prosperity, which is even more reason for you to try it.


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Babi guling is one of Bali’s most well-known dishes. What makes this dish so well-known? The main reason is, of course, it’s absolutely delicious taste. The tender and juicy meat on the inside of the pig compliments perfectly with its crispy skin, leaving you in awe and wanting more.  The spit-roasted pig can be found in many other places in the world, but what makes babi guling so special is that you can have it with other traditional Balinese dishes, such as lawar (which we mentioned earlier).

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If you love eating rice, then nasi campur is just the dish for you to try. Or, if you want to try a little bit of everything but can’t decide which ones. Start with plain rice (sometimes wrapped in a banana leaf), cooked with basa genep, a traditional Balinese spice mix. Then, choose from a variety of lauk, also know as small dishes, to go along with your rice. These include all kinds of meat and vegetables, so you can choose something new each time!

#5: SATE

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You may be wondering, isn’t it spelt satay? And I can find that everywhere in Singapore, why do I have to go to Bali to eat it? Well, “sate” is the Indonesian spelling of this dish, which is also the national dish of Indonesia and was thought to be developed by Javanese street vendors. And the reason why it’s a must-try in Bali is that there are so many more variations that you can find on this island guaranteed to satisfy any of your cravings. These include Sate Kablet (tuna), Sate Be Pasih (giant prawns) and many many more.

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