TOP 5 Cafes to visit in Bangkok

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Can you claim to be a true cafe-hopper if you haven’t been to these cafes? Read on to find out if you have what it takes to be a self-proclaimed cafe-holic!

I’m pretty sure all of you are familiar with Bangkok, Thailand. Most of you would go there specifically to shop at popular destinations such as Platinum Fashion Mall and Chatukchat Market.

What if I told you, that you should visit Bangkok just to check out these Cafes? Don’t believe me? Read on to find out more…

#1 Shugaa

27 The Residence at 61 Bldg 61

Sukhumvit 61 Alley, แขว คลองตันเหนือ

Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha

Nakhon 10110

We’ve all been to that one cafe. Everything looks good. The interior and exterior of the cafe look like it came straight out of a dream. But everything comes crashing down once you taste the food. It doesn’t live up to the hype that was building up. Everything tastes too sweet, too salty, just too much of everything. I wonder if there is a cafe that looks both aesthetically pleasing and serves good food…

Picture credits:

Picture credits: @home_sweeeeeet_home

Well, wonder no more, as Shugaa fulfils all the above! Not only does both it’s exterior and interior design look minimalistic and polished, but the food it serves is also super Instagrammable and tasty to eat as well! It is no wonder it has been recommended dozens of times by other food bloggers and reviewers.

Known for their creative desserts made from pastel coloured frosted icing, people with a sweet tooth should definitely come check this cafe out. They are constantly coming up with new ideas that keep the crowd coming back for more. For instance, they are now making exclusive We Bare Bears theme cakes and desserts, so definitely check them out!

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Picture credits: @sodapopp

Not a fan of sweet things? Fret not, as they sell a wide variety of cakes as well, such as red velvet and light carrot cake.

Picture credits: @_alessiacisternino

You might want to check out their Instagram page over @shugaa_dessertbar for more pictures of the amazingly aesthetic desserts and beverages they serve.

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#2 Roast Coffee

Unit #T1 (Roast), The COMMONS
335 Thonglor Soi 17, Sukhumvit 55 Klongton Nua Wattana Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Next up on this list is Roast Coffee, which specializes in, you guessed it, coffee. Located at The Commons, which is an entire building dedicated to food outlets and cafes, this cafe specializes in breakfast style meals, such as French Toast and DIY Espresso. The cafe gives off a wooden and rustic vibe, which is sure to please all you minimalists out there.

Picture credits: @clareassiral

What is DIY Espresso, you may ask? Well, DIY Espresso is served with a glass full of milk alongside a cup filled with espresso ice cubes. It’s DIY since you pour the milk over the espresso ice cubes yourself in order to make your drink. Now isn’t that Instagram-worthy?

The coffee served here at Roast Coffee is prepared just like how the Thai like to have their coffee; light and not too acidic.

Picture credits: @karstorganics

If you’re looking for something to eat, we strongly recommend the Strawberry Waffles Set. Topped with Freshly Cut Strawberries, Light Whipped Cream and served with a scoop of Ice Cream, it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Treat your tastebuds to a magical experience as you savour it in bite-sized chunks.

Picture credits: @kasidech.p

For more pictures and updates, do check out their Instagram page @roastbkk

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#3 After You Dessert Cafe

Next up on the list, you’ve probably head before. They have a jaw-dropping 72 outlets in total, and you will soon realise why. They specialise in serving desserts such as Shaved Ice along with Speciality Toasts, mixing fruits in with their desserts whenever possible to give it that refreshing taste.

All of these come at a price though, as the waiting lines to get seated in this cafe are usually long and you would need to queue to get a ticket number. However, rest assured that the long wait will all be worth it once you sit down and indulge in their desserts.

Picture credits: @waiinviv1127

One of their must-try desserts includes the Shaved Ice topped with Whipped Cream and Ice Cream, depending on what you order. What you see above is their famous Mango Sticky Rice Shaved Cream Dessert, which is served alongside the Coconut Milk you are used to having with your Mango Sticky Rice.

Be sure to give it a try when you are in Bangkok as it is a famous Thai delicacy that has been transformed into something even better. Who knew Mango Sticky Rice would taste this good when in the formed of shaved ice?

Picture credits: @thinqthinqq

Another must-try dessert when you visit After You Cafe is their French Toast. The French Toast comes in many different variations, but we felt the best tasting one so far was the one topped with Strawberry and Whipped Cream. To top it all off, there was a slight drizzle of Chocolate Sauce and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on the side.

The loaf of bread was perfectly toasted and there was just the right amount of butter put into it, giving it a perfect golden brown appearance.

Since there are so many outlets scattered all over Thailand, be sure to check which is the closest to where you are to maximise your time. Also, be prepared to queue, so you may choose to get a ticket and continue shopping first! (might as well burn off the extra calories you’re about to intake!!)

#4 Audrey Cafe and Bistro

136/3 Soi Thonglo 11, Vaddhana,Sukhumvit 55
Bangkok, Thailand 10110

If you happen to have been following this article closely and just left the After You Dessert Cafe at Thonglor, you may want to check this cafe out. Located just a short walk away, it’s green and minimalistic interior, coupled with its spacious outdoor seating and British colonial architecture, it is sure to catch your eyes as you walk past it.

Picture credits: @tiffanylamx

Picture credits: @fatfoodbeast

One of the desserts Audrey Cafe and Bistro is famous for is their Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake. Topped off with Cha-Yen for that extra sweetness! The sweet flavour of the sauce complements the light and fluffy nature of the Crepe Cake perfectly, making it the perfect Thai inspired dessert.

Are you just looking to up your Instagram game in Bangkok? Then you should definitely check this Insta-Worthy Cafe out!

#5 Rocket Coffeebar S49

147 Soi Sathon 12, Khwaeng Silom
Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Feeling like a glutton after indulging in all the sinful treats? Don’t worry, this last one will go easy on you, as they specialise in making delicious yet healthy dishes, as many of their ingredients are sourced from organic sources.

To top things off, the design of this cafe is an Architectural Masterpiece. Not only can you eat good, but you’ll also look good too! (when taking a picture inside the cafe)

Picture credits: @rocketcoffeebar 

Picture credits: @jaxlyx

Who says food can’t be delicious and healthy at the same time?

They also sell fresh in-house baked pastries that pair well with their speciality ‘Rockethouse Exclusive’ Hot Cocoa. Do take note that although the food here is healthier, you still have to exercise to burn off all those desserts you ate previously!

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