TOP 5 Cheap AND Tasty Western Food in Singapore! Have you tried them ALL?

Who says Western Meals can't be CHEAP and TASTY? Here are TOP 5 places to enjoy the CHEAPEST & TASTIEST Western Food in Singapore!

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There are many eateries serving Western Food in Singapore. Some are located in Hawker Centers, others in more established restaurants. One thing is common about them; the price. Western Food is usually priced more expensive than other dishes.

You’ve probably never once attributed Western food to be cheap. Even if it were cheap, it probably wouldn’t taste good either way. What if I told you, Western Food can be both cheap and tasty, and you wouldn’t even need to travel far from the comfort of your own home to enjoy it?

Here is a list of 5 places YOU can enjoy Cheap and Tasty Western Food!

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If you’ve been living in Singapore your entire life, chances are you’ve chanced upon one of their stalls while you’re packing food at the hawker centre near your house. Collin’s has multiple stalls all across Singapore, ranging from stalls located in Neighbourhood Hawker Centers (Collin’s Common Grill) to higher-end dining with restaurants located in shopping malls (Collin’s Restaurants).

With over 20 outlets in Singapore, you can be 101% sure that there will be a Collin’s near you at any given point in time!


Now, onto their food. Collin’s is a bang for your buck as they are extremely generous in their portions. So much so that certain customers find it hard to finish their dessert after downing their mains! Furthermore, the meat is grilled to perfection and there is a myriad of sauces to choose from!

The only downside? Long queues. But what’s there to be disappointed about? You know you’ll be in for a good time. Also, don’t Singaporeans just love to queue at stalls with long queues? Fret not, however, as they offer Online Ordering! What a great time to be alive!

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Singaporeans love their food spicy. Singaporeans also love Western Cuisine. Combine the two, and you get Nandos! They are best known for their Nando’s PERi-PERi, which is a special little chilli with a closely guarded recipe.

What’s special about Nando’s is that when you order their dishes, you can select the level of spicy-ness you would like it to be served with, according to the PERi-ometer.

Nando’s are famous for their Flame-Grilled PERi-PERi Chicken, with prices starting from $12.90 for a 1/4 Chicken and Refillable drink set meal! Now if that isn’t worth your money, I’m not sure what is! This promotion is valid during Lunch hours, so you can head down with your colleagues during your lunch break and indulge in some oh-so-good chicken!

The Lunch meal combo is valid until 5 pm daily, so be sure not to miss out on it!


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This is for all you Wine lovers and Foodies out there. Known for selling Affordable, Great Tasting Wine along with their Tasty Mains, Wine Connection is a Bar and Bistro that is mostly frequented by people after office hours.

The excellent Wine, paired with perfectly seasoned and cooked steak, make Wine Connection a great place to rest and relax at after a tiring day at work.

Want to know something else that’s great about Wine Connection? The atmosphere. The chill vibe that the bar gives off complements its dishes and drinks served, giving customers a dining experience they will never forget!


Do follow their Instagram page where they announce their Weekly Wine Deals and All-You-Can-Eat Promotions!

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If you love Italian Food such as Pizza and Pasta, Saizeriya is a definite must-visit. At Saizeriya, prices are super affordable, and they even serve free-flow drinks. To all you people who don’t fancy ordering drinks, not to worry. Their water is free-flow too! How generous is that?

With just over 25 outlets spread out across Singapore’s shopping malls, you will be spoilt for choice. Be it a simple catch up with friends or a business meeting, Saizeriya will be the perfect place to go with its affordable, yet tasty dishes.

With Pizza starting as low as $6.90 and Pasta even lower at $3.90, you’ll be thanking me later after you’ve filled your stomach with all that tasty food.



They serve a variety of dishes too, including Doria and Gratin, Foccacia, Rissoto, Squid-Ink Pasta and even Oven-Grilled Escargots! Remember, their dishes are all very reasonably priced so don’t worry too much about over-spending! (but you may have to worry about over-eating)

Give their Facebook page a like to know of the latest Restaurant Openings and Promotions.


I’m sure everyone has heard of Astons before. For those who are not familiar, they are well known for their set meals which start from just over $10 and include a Main Dish along with 2 Side Dishes. They have a total of 19 outlets across Singapore, which includes their Halal branch, Andes.

Their serving portion is rather generous, and their delicious sides will definitely leave you filled to the brim.

You are sure to be in for a surprise when you realise their Prime Sirloin Steak Set Meal costs only $16.90! Mind you, that is including 2 side dishes!

In case you don’t already know, Astons was started by Aston Soon in 2005, with a simple goal in mind; to bring quality Western Cuisine to the masses at affordable prices. He left his job as a Restaurant Chef and has never looked back since.


Be prepared to wait in line to get a seat inside an Aston Restaurant after working hours though, as people flock over right after their work ends. Weekends are packed too, but just bear in mind you’re queueing for quality food.

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We hope you’ve learned something from this post! Do remember that although the food is cheap and good, you shouldn’t stuff yourself too much! Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can continue eating all you want!

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