TOP 5 COOLEST Offices in Singapore, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK!

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Have you ever felt curious about how the dream companies all Singaporeans want to join, look like in real life?! And do you have any idea which are the companies on the list?


Here you go!

TOP 10 Companies:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Apple
  4. Singapore Airline
  5. Microsoft
  6. Shell
  7. Changi Airport Group
  8. ExxonMobil
  9. DBS, Procter & Gamble
  10. IBM

Let’s go visit 5 of these dream companies on the list now!

1. Google

In Google’s Office

Office Space, Google

Have you ever wondered how it is like working in Gardens By the Bay? Well… you can now have a feel of it by working at Google. The atmosphere there is so calming and lively, being surrounded by flowers and trees. There is also a theme to the office too which changes every month. What an interesting way to keep things refreshing in the office. And I bet the employees don’t even feel tired coming in to work every day.

Cafeteria, Google

Cheese Selection, Google’s Cafeteria

Everyone will most probably have heard of its cafeteria. The selection is insane, literally like a buffet. Plus, all the dishes are cooked with the employees’ health in mind.

Entertainment Area, Google

Massage Room, Google

In Google’s lounge area, there is a billiard table for them to recharge and relax. And it’s not even all, there are even a massage room and a nail shop too.

2. Facebook

‘Home-stay’ Office, Facebook

At first glance, Facebook’s office may seem like a homestay, which gives off a very comfortable feeling. In this space, employees are given privacy but not restricted.

‘Freedom of Speech’ Wall, Facebook

As an advocate for freedom of speech, there’s a wall dedicated to this purpose. It is to allow employees to express their own thoughts and feelings freely.

Lounge Area, Facebook

Integrated into its office space is a pantry, with a vending machine to provide employees with the utmost convenience.

If employees are stressed out, they can head over to the entertainment room to relax; living true to the phrase – ‘Work hard, play hard’.

3. DBS

A Lego-made chair, DBS’ office

Our first impression of DBS’ office is ‘Wow! It looks so much like a children’ playground, just bigger in size!’

DBS Office

Table-tennis Corner, DBS

There is a staff discussion area where staffs from different departments can gather to discuss. If employees are stressed out and want to take a breather, they can do so at the entertainment corner; by playing a game at the table-tennis table.

DBS’ Office at DBS Marina Bay Financial Centre

Starbucks Coffee in DBS Office, DBS Marina Bay Financial Centre

Private Room of Starbucks, DBS Marina Bay Financial Centre

At its other office located in DBS Marina Bay Financial Centre, its decoration is so dreamy, making you feel like you have stepped into another world of sorts. Do you know that there’s a Starbucks opened solely for its employees and in the company itself too! How incredible, would love to work there!

What set it apart from other Starbucks is its private room, where you will be sitting on tatami-mats and enjoying a cup of coffee.

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4. Changi Airport Group

The Interior of the Office, Changi Airport Group

Changi Airport Group has a very spacious office, with its potted plants and vertical gardens giving a very relaxed atmosphere.

Working in this company will make you feel like you have travelled around the world in just 80 minutes. How fun it is that the office area is being named after a country and region. For instance, you can have a meeting in Europe and shortly after, be drinking coffee in North America. The amenities here are simply just so wonderful.

WorkSpaces, Changi Airport Group

Lounge Area in the Office

Besides, there is no fixed seating for the employees and they can basically sit wherever they want to. Loves that it is so open and employees are given so much freedom.

5. Microsoft

Office Space, Microsoft

Meeting Room, Microsoft

The Seating Area in the Office, Microsoft

In Microsoft, everything is practically paperless and electronic. There is even a meeting room that’s equipped with a huge screen for video conferencing. Since there is no fixed seating, it is an opportunity for them to sit together and interact with each other. They do not have to feel restricted by their desk. As long as they get their work done, it doesn’t matter where they are working at.

Its employees are also able to try out any Microsoft new products before it actually goes on the shelf plus gets discounts too. Ain’t that so amazing and totally perfect for technology geeks!

What a dream it would be to work in these big firms!

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